Form letter to NDSC

According to a press release from the State's Attorney for Frederick county, Robert Ethan Saylor died as a result of three individuals' actions on January 12, 2013 in Frederick, Maryland. His death was and remains classified a HOMICIDE.

However, the above press release also states that Robert Ethan Saylor was "...compromised by his Down's syndrome..." and concludes that no criminal charges are necessary in Mr. Saylor's death.

I believe that the above decision speaks to a continuing bias in society to see Down syndrome as a disease, those with Down syndrome as lesser individuals, and not deserving of the same respect warranted to those without Down syndrome.

I'm contacting you today to ask you to take a stand for human rights and for Robert Ethan Saylor, and to ask you to demand an independent inquiry into the death of Mr. Saylor.

You are a representative of people with Down syndrome in the United States and a global leader in Down syndrome awareness, so as such, I urge you to actively represent people with Down syndrome and to help ensure that this tragedy becomes the last of its kind.

[your name]
Down Syndrome Uprising

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