Saturday, March 16, 2013

Down Syndrome Uprising: A Manifesto

We are Down Syndrome Uprising, a global collaboration of Down syndrome human rights activists. Through our efforts, we will ensure the acceptance and total inclusion of those with Down syndrome.

DSU serves as a public defender for those with Down syndrome. We are a watchdog entity, dedicated to serving the public as a communication hub that educates with regard to the human rights of those living with Down syndrome.

We Believe:

That people with Down syndrome have suffered and continue to suffer from human rights violations world-wide.

People with Down syndrome should be accepted exactly as they are, and be fully included in all aspects of society and should be given the same opportunities as everyone else.

All people with Down syndrome have to be first and foremost seen as unique individuals with unique talents and challenges.

That simply by being part of humanity, people with Down syndrome have a right and a responsibility to exist in society without having to justify themselves as contributing members (any more than any other person).
We Expect:

Fair and balanced portrayal of Down syndrome in the media, by medical professionals and understanding by the general public.

Fair and balanced portrayal and understanding of individuals with Down syndrome everywhere, highlighting everyone's uniqueness and individuality.
We are creating change now:

Down Syndrome Uprising is facilitating change through creating a space for discussion. We are challenging perceptions of Down syndrome in both the mainstream media and often overlooked areas such as in medical and health related literature. We will continue to publicly denounce any source that perpetuates misinformation, stereotypes, outdated information or blatant hatred towards Down syndrome itself or individuals with Down syndrome.

DSU is a initiative that organizes activists to engage in call-to-action campaigns to assure the civil and human rights of people with Down syndrome to live with full acceptance.


  1. I'm working on an article about this very topic: action vs. awareness. Seeking comments from parents, advocates -- anyone with a thought on this either way. Article will post on SheKnows on World Down syndrome Day. Please email me at Share WHAT specific actions you want to see.

    Please send me any blog posts, articles - any resources - that underscore this message, either to agree or disagree. What message does the world need to hear on WDSD?

    Not sure where I stand? Check out my blog post titled, "Dear Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I am ashamed of you."

    Thanks for your help to spotlight this issue.

  2. Action, not reaction.
    Where is the challenge to the community to actively support Ds research, as an example, Down syndrome cognitive research, rather than just complaining about the lack of government support for research. Real action is active involvement in raising $$ for research. The Ds community falls way behind, for example, the Autism community, with respect to raising awareness of the promise and importance of Ds cognitive research, which might lead to safe and approved therapies to address intellectual disabilities in Down syndrome as well as the connections between Ds and Alzheimer's disease. Less talk about prom queens and socks, and more positive energy directed to research. Get behind research initiatives.